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The Genius of Fools
A Loaded Gun Pointed at the Mirror
Fifty shades of WTF? 
10th-Jun-2015 06:39 pm
After being put on the disabled list with this hand injury, I have myself a fun little challenge; I'd write that book; with one hand.  I decided it would be a full on, free verse, prose the whole way; “screw you and your grammatical structure” good time; but I refuse to forsake the Oxford comma.  A lot of the really good stories; well, they just can’t be told.  like, ever.  So, I’m writing about my cross country mimd-fuck trip a few years ago.  Writing this out I’ve realized a few things;
1.   Sometimes I was a real asshole.
2.  I beat the piss out of that poor old bike.
3.  There are parts of my life that are right out of fifty shades of grey.
4.  I’m copping to all of it and some people may not like me so much when all is said and done.
I’m 13 chapters into it and that puts me a little past the half way mark.  It will never see publication, but writing it out is a real trip.  I honestly never thought I'd be doing this.  Man if my shrink sees this thing...
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