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The Genius of Fools
A Loaded Gun Pointed at the Mirror
It's amazing what you can learn from a cat... 
5th-Feb-2014 06:13 pm
My cat Lenore is well, let's just say a little clingy. Been that way since day one. Since moving up here in the mountains, this is the first time she has ever been an only animal. I know, sounds crazy but it's true. Since we have been up here she is always following me around. I assumed she was just bored and got her some toys to play with. Evidently, they don't suit her interest very well because I can't even entice her to play except for the feather on a stick. That's like Kryptonite (yeah, I know. I probably spelled that wrong) to cats. Instead, she just prefers to lay on me and purr herself into oblivion.

It occurred to me as she was wanting my attention, that it was just me she wanted, not a toy or another animal. I have to admit I was a little touched at the thought that having me around is all she wanted. Looking back, it seems as if many of my relationships in the past kind of follow the same pattern. I tend to live in my head and am not as "present in the moment" (Jumpin' Jesus I hate psychobabble) as I probably should have been. When I felt as if I was being wanted, I generally wasn't "there". Instead of giving my time, I usually responded like I did with my cat. No I did not buy my past girlfriends catnip and sticks with feathers! I would do something for them, like a project. I interpreted their attitude as they wanted something done rather than just to have me pay a bit more real attention to them.

Fortunately, C understands me and doesn't seem to mind too much. I suppose we could do dinner out and relax outside with a pipe, coffee, and playing gin. That sounds pretty damned cool to me so I guess it's what I'll do. Guess I know which psychological trait to work on next. My shrink's gonna' love this...
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